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Our Clients

Concentrating principally in the business sector, SGC serves a diversified clientele of various industries and professions. Clients benefit from SGC's ability to provide sophisticated levels of service to small to mid-size businesses that would typically be expected from one of the larger national or international accounting and consulting firms. However, SGC's small firm size allows its professionals to quickly respond to each client's specific needs.

Our clients' operating businesses are typically small to mid-size closely held businesses with operating revenues between $10M to $250M in revenue although some clients lay outside both sides of this range. SGC does work with new ventures, but our business clients are generally established businesses strategically pursuing additional growth whether it be to maximize profits or prepare for an eventual exit.

SGC works with many clients that have aggregate real estate portfolio holdings in excess of $50M of value. Ownership structures can vary greatly such as limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, family partnerships, trusts, etc... The Firm works closely with many types of real estate clients from investors, asset managers, developers and management companies. Several of our clients will also invest in secured debt as well. The majority of our clients' real estate portfolios are on the east coast while the Firm has handled real estate transactions in over half of the continental United States.

We consider our business relationship with our clients to be privileged and confidential and do not openly disclose our client list.