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About Us

About Our Firm

Established in 1978, S. Gordon Corporation (SGC) is one of the most prominent entrepreneurial accounting and business advisory firms North of Boston servicing clients locally, nationally and internationally. Credentialed and designated as a CPA firm, SGC does provide traditional accounting, financial statement and tax services. However, the firm clearly differentiates itself from all others through its "entrepreneurial financial services". SGC recognizes that there is a distinct and different need prevalent in all small to mid-size entrepreneurial businesses. The Firm's business model is focused on established businesses pursuing growth either organically or via acquisition, maximizing tax and compliance efficiencies, advising on sophisticated real estate portfolios and family office services.

Several intelligent accountants, consultants and advisors are great at offering advice and critiquing a business model, but high-level advice alone will not ensure a company achieves its goals set-forth in a business plan; SGC realizes that execution is the most important aspect of any business plan as we work closely with our clients during the implementation of business initiatives in order to achieve desired results.

We are a "boutique firm" whereby our primary focus is service. SGC prides itself on pro-actively informing its clients of specific business practices or regulatory changes that may either be able to enhance our clients' businesses or provide for further planning opportunities. Such advice to a particular client may be the use of certain financial instruments (i.e. interest rate swaps, letters of credit, commodity or foreign currency hedging, etc…) to increase profitability or reduce financial risk. Also, advice to a client may be in the form of additional tax planning opportunities available due to regulatory changes that may have either adverse tax effects or offer an opportunity to achieve greater tax efficiency.

SGC offers several different solutions that specifically address each of the unique needs of its clients. Our "know how", combined with modern technology, allows us to help our clients arrive at solutions to business problems in an efficient manner and most importantly assist our clients in turning their goals and objectives into reality. Our entire staff consists of dedicated professionals who are specialists in management accounting, financial modeling, financial loss prevention, franchise operations, corporate finance, tax efficiency planning, cross border transactions and various government business incentive programs. It is this unique combination of disciplines, coupled with many years of business experience that sets us apart from our competition.