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As our clients grow and technology has made the world appear smaller, more affordable and now necessary to have an international presence, SGC has focused on providing compliance and advisory services on cross- border transactions for over a decade.

SGC does provide the compliance services of a traditional accounting firm:

  • Foreign bank account reporting
  • Reporting for outbound and inbound transactions
  • Global tax efficiency planning
  • Creating tax efficient cross-border ownership structures
  • Foreign tax credit optimization

Many accounting firms solely have a text book approach to international business whereas they know the rules from a US perspective and have an understanding to prepare the related US tax forms. However, SGC truly comprehends international business, because we directly communicate in many foreign countries and jurisdictions with clients' employees, service providers, vendors, customers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, etc... SGC recognizes that in many regions of the world it is critical to really understand and appreciate the local cultures and business practices to be successful in addition to the local foreign market and currency risks.

SGC has clients with offices, employees and/or representatives that we work directly with all over the world.